The vast majority of modern means of detecting land mines are, in essence, “sharpened” nalica fells. However, in recent years, students have learned (and quite successfully) to deceive them. Characteristic primer – minus without metal components. By the way, the mine detectors themselves are still far from perfection, often p p p p

Austrian farse staff To detect an explosive device hidden underground, a portable transceiver that generates radio pulses in the soil that cause resonance with the crystalline compounds of the explosives. In their presence, “jerky” suspension molecules of radio waves begin to vibrate with a frequency of frequencies, forming a specific echo signal, which immediately fixes the receiving device.

It becomes clear to the sapper that he is dealing with an explosive collection. With this signal parameter, important information is given – the more powerful it is, the closer and more dangerous the mine is. It’s not worth it, it’s not predictable, it’s not safe, it’s not small scale reaction

Source: Tech Cult

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