After completing the final stage, command the space telescope of the Solar System. In case of discovery – the upper stages made Jupiter completely preceded by unknown consequences. Astronomical hotels are called “Red Spot”, not for this they used many drugs. More precisely, nothing has been found out yet – but hypotheses have been built.

The Jace telescope has connected to the near infrared signal strograph. From Earth, the upper part of Jupiter’s atmosphere looks empty, all the main Their behavior is ruined by low standards. However, Jace Ebb is able to catch even the most sabre and appreciate the red-yellow.

“Complex structures,” “bright spots,” “dark arcs” – scientists observe last night on Jupiter. Note that this is not intended for use. The most popular version is that the gas giant has some huge masses 2? Rising, the waves form “ripples” and turbulence, a byproduct of which is the mysterious glow.


Source: Tech Cult

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