Specialists of the “Researcher Center.

On behalf of the head of the center, Vladimir Koshlakov, a full testing of engines has already been completed. At the same time, he noted the high concentration of ion power parameters, which is of great importance for the detection of remote planets and the duration of the mission for large-scale research, including flights to Mars.

In fact, the ion engine is a rocket engine, or rather, it is suspected. It uses jet propulsion using ionized gas, which is pre-accelerated in an electric field to the required speed.

In known cases with “chemical” engines, ion plants have lower thrust, but give off low fuel consumption and increased duration of their work – according to calculations, they can work without stopping for several years.

In addition, the engineers of the center are also working on other phenomena that are part of the tugboat, also known to miners. Chieti – a tube generator that provides conversion of heat produced by a nuclear installation in this latter.

We remind you that it was previously reported that a sample of the Zeus project, which will include a megawatt nuclear installation, is planned to be carried out in 2030 – Alexander Bloshenko, one of the top managers, spoke about this back in the spring of 2021 Roskosmos.

Source: Tech Cult

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