Deforestation continues to progress Amazon and broke another record of regret. Deforestation levels were at their highest in the first quarter of the past six years.

In March, there was a 15% decrease in deforested areas compared to the same month of the previous year, but even this could not compensate for the destruction. In the entire period, 941.3 square kilometers of forest were lost.

The data was released the same week that Brazil announced new targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Fires are Brazil’s main source of pollutants contributing to global warming.

In a document sent to the United Nations (UN), the country committed to reducing the volume of gases released into the atmosphere by 37% by 2025 by 2005. By 2030, this reduction should be 50%.

Deforestation must increase

But environmentalists said they were concerned about the volume of deforestation. The period from December to March is not usually marked by major destruction, as high precipitation hinders activity. Despite this, the year has already started with records.

Some scholars believe that there will be an increase in numbers again and attribute this to the presidential elections. Carlos Souza Jr, a researcher at the Imazon institute, told Reuters that environmental sanctions had weakened during the election years, and criminals rushed to deforestation before taking office.

Source: Tec Mundo

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