Rostelecom will start producing surveillance cameras and routers. “According to the plans, it is about millions of pieces in the next few years,” said the president of Rostelecom. The corporation’s subsidiaries will be engaged in production.

Rostelecom will start producing CCTV cameras

Rostelecom’s plans to start manufacturing surveillance cameras, routers, various controllers and communicators were discussed by company president Mikhail Oseevsky.

Within two months, two production facilities will be inaugurated, Oseevsky specified. According to him, the company plans to produce “millions of pieces” of products in the coming years. Oseevsky did not name the amount of investment in the project.

Rostelecom subsidiaries in St. Petersburg and Moscow will participate in the production.

A few months ago, Rostelecom established the company Tdata to develop data processing tools. Creating a separate company for these purposes will help attract new customers, experts say.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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