Recently at Apple Professors of his main summer presentation. Conference for a meeting WWDC 2023 will pass from 5 to 9 Junethere is a real event with a demonstration of new versions of iOS, iPadOS and macOS. June 5 at 20:00 Moscow time.

Over the past few months, there have been a lot of news, leaks and rumors of a possible new iOS 17, we collect all the information in one article and analyze all the most popular features.

Which iPhone models will receive support for iOS 17

Traditionally, the Cupertino team will unhook several of the latest iPhone models from new firmware versions. Last year, specialized iOS 16 devices missed five smartphones at once: the iPhone 6s/6s Plus, the first generation iPhone SE, and the iPhone 7/7 Plus.

This year, with a high degree of probability, iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X will be left without support for new software versions. Even with the release of iOS 16, these smartphones received the least new options and features.

Install iOS 17 possible on the following models:

▪️ iPhone SE 2nd generation
▪️ iPhone SE 3rd generation
▪️ iPhone xp

▪️ iPhone xs/xs max

▪️ iphone 11

▪️ iPhone 11 Pro/11 Pro Max

▪️ iphone 12/12 mini

▪️ iPhone 12 Pro/12 Pro Max

▪️ iphone 13/13 mini

▪️ iPhone 13 Pro/13 Pro Max

▪️ iphone 14/14 plus

▪️ iPhone 14 Pro/14 Pro Max

In addition, it is known that the update iPadOS 17 bypass three tablets: iPad Pro first generation (9.7″ and 12.9″) and iPad 5th generation (2017).

Now the most discussed and discussed news of the new version of software for Apple smartphones and tablets.

1. Updated Control Center

The concept of a custom control point

One of the most noticeable changes in the new version of the system may be the top curtains with switches. This element has not changed much since iOS 11. Minimal customization options have been asking for a long time.

You can add rearrangement of toggle switches, the ability to reassign any system switch to the curtain, or add support for options from external applications.

An anonymous insider reports that such an innovation can be expected with the release iOS 17.

2. Interactive widgets

An example of interactive widgets that can be used without going to the application

This feature appeared in iOS 14 and has not been developed much since then. Widgets so far only know how to display information or redirect to the application when collected.

To expand the capabilities of the iPhone and ease of management, the implementation of interactive widgets is proposed. With their help, one could change the smartphone settings, enable or disable chip settings, activate various application modes.

Some of the most obvious uses are VPN on/off, eSIM replacement, screen quality change.

On the possible level of such an update in iOS 17 justification

3. Improvements in some standard applications

Alternative look and feel of the Wallet app

▶ All kinds of leaks hint at a redesign and updated section navigation in Apple Music.

▶ Visual changes can be seen will be in apps Mail, Reminders And Files.

▶ The possibilities of the utility will expand Wallet and applications Fitness.

This information was shared by an insider LeaksApplePro.

4. Minor appearance changes

Event Concepts for iOS 17

A large number of small chips and options are found in every major iOS update. The upcoming update will not be random, cosmetic improvements will definitely be in it.

For example, the voice assistant interface Siri can be moved to dynamic island. There are no other confirmations about such novelties yet, but there are interesting design concepts and coverages.

Parker Ortolani this is how we see the look iOS 17.

5. Optimization and changes “under the hood”

According to the journalist Mark GurmanCupertinos were going to concentrate on sustained error correction in iOS 17.

Not the first year, the mobile OS needs to identify the internal order, similar code and fix bugs. Instead, each update brings a host of new problems and glitches. So, for example, it is not the first block of designers not to fix the alarm clock widget for the screen lock, which broke down at the beginning of the year.

Fortunately, Apple decided to move away from the original plans and we will see some events. With this increase in a stable system, we will wait no less.

6. Third Party App Stores

For several years now, parliamentarians from different countries have been repeating Apple’s monopoly and awarding a ban on connecting applications bypassing the App Store. Perhaps the apple ones will be crushed already this year, and the innovation can be presented as the main feature iOS 17.

On the one hand, it seems that the Cupertinos are replacing third-party stores with expanding capabilities for web applications. Already, they are requesting a replacement for the removed App Store banking clients.

But there are a large number of external programs and services that are often used to bypass the App Store. Legitimizing them and taking control of Kuku and the company will be very useful.

If a simpler and more convenient way to install programs bypassing an external store, many will forget about piracy, crutches, jailbreak and manual subscription of programs.

7. Other changes

Some stand out from other innovations that appear in the new mobile OS.

▶ New settings Always-on display. This can be a widget display option or a flow when the display is always glowing.

▶ More mode options focusing. It is possible that the focus filter settings have been expanded, when only the necessary information is displayed when mode detection is turned on in standard applications. For example, when activating a work package in an email client, only letters with work mail will be available.

▶ Built-in search improvements Searchlight. What changes have not been added to this element of the system, with a high degree of probability, they will not be receptive to our market. The built-in search system for non-priority languages ​​has always worked in simplified mode.

▶ Additional options dynamic island. This step is definitely necessary, because for active users of the iPhone 14 Pro, the new island has not become a useful system feature.

When iOS 17 will be available for installation

According to the first new version of the software on June 5 at WWDC 2023. A few hours after the presentation, the first test versions of nutritional supplements are expected.

Unlike previous years, Cupertinians do not allow the installation iOS 17 beta 1 to everyone. One of the innovations of the recently released iOS 16.4 was a changed way of accepting test versions of the system.

The division between development and software testers is becoming more common and occurs at the level of system development. To get pre-release versions of iOS, it’s natural to sign up for the testing program on Apple’s website. After that, your gadgets will arrive for the duration of the updates.

For regular Apple ID accounts, this will happen public betasfor posts with developer status – test build systems. Downloading the desired profile from external sites will no longer work.

Users without developer status can get their hands on a public beta of iOS 17 around July, and the most secure options are to purchase an account for $99 per year or register your smartphones in the records of a familiar developer.

Only on such gadgets it will be possible to install iOS 17 beta 1which will appear in a few hours after WWDC 2023.

Those who do not like to experiment with their gadget can get a test version of the firmware, which can be updated to the release version. iOS 17 in September.

Source: Iphones RU

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