Since the beginning of the year, the owners of the collection points (POI) and sellers of Wildberries have filed more than 400 lawsuits against the market for 560 million rubles, reports the Vedomosti newspaper.

Since the beginning of the year, the owners of the collection point have filed 400 lawsuits against Wildberries for 560 million rubles.

For comparison: for the whole of 2022, the total amount of claims on Wildberries amounted to 640 million rubles.

Most of the lawsuits are related to the fulfillment of obligations under contracts, in particular agency and commission agreements, are initiated by sellers and owners of collection points, said Alexander Efimov, general director of the law firm Fox Legal Consulting, in a statement. a meeting with Deputies of the State Duma on April 13.

In about half of the cases, companies dispute fines accrued by marketplace bots, and in the rest, they are liable for lost or damaged goods.

Representatives of the PVZ at a meeting in the State Duma confirmed the existence of such claims.

“The increase in the number of lawsuits against the site is formal and is solely associated with an increase in the scale of work and the number of partners it has in various fields,” a Wildberries representative told the publication.

He called it “a natural statistic for any dynamically growing company” adding that only 10-15 member pickup points expressed dissatisfaction, which is 0.1% of their total number. Therefore, it is inappropriate to speak of a massive nature, concluded the representative of Wildberries.

Other markets in 2023 do not have such a number of demands. From January to March, Ozon received only 72 applications to arbitration courts in the amount of about 52 million rubles. There are 168 lawsuits against Yandex.Market, 7 against Sbermegamarket, 1 against Kazan Express and none against Aliexpress Russia.

Earlier, an attempt by Wildberries to introduce a new system of fines led to a dispute with the owners and managers of the distribution points and their strike.


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Source: RB

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