In 2022, 667 million leaked records with personal data were recorded in Russia. RBC writes about this, referring to InfoWatch data.

The number of leaks increased by 2.67 times compared to 2021. The number of thousands of releases last year increased by a third and contained approximately 940 entries.

Cybersecurity experts have decided:

▪️ About 80% of leaks have a mixed vector of impact, when such pollution, both external and extensive violations, is often found in the theft.

▪️ Losses with trade secrets have doubled

▪️ The number of leaks among industrial, commercial and energy companies has tripled.

▪️ Small businesses account for 20% of leaks. This is twice as much as in 2021

Most of the announcements about leaks were found on thematic forums and in Telegram. [РБК]

Source: Iphones RU

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