Measures to combat the volatility of third-tier stocks, F + tech introduced a smartphone and tablet on the Aurora operating system, Astrum and My.Games agreed to split the online shooter Warface and other news on April 17.

The limit on the purchase of currency, Warface will be divided, smartphone F + tech in Aurora: the main thing for business April 17


  • The Moscow Stock Exchange approved measures to combat the volatility of third-tier shares: extending the discrete auction regime to all securities, reducing price limits and increasing price stepping, improving the methodology to counter destabilization and expanding the analytical coverage.
  • The Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance of Russia are studying the possibility of introducing a monthly limit on the purchase of foreign currency on the domestic market for transactions to acquire foreign companies leaving the country, Vedomosti writes.


  • Russian manufacturer and distributor of electronics F+ tech presented a smartphone and a tablet with the Aurora operating system. The company intends to enter the devices into the national product register in order to receive state benefits.
  • The share of books in the assortment of bookstores is declining, market participants say. According to his estimates, in March it turned out to be more than ten percentage points lower than a year ago, and for many players it turned out to be below 50%, Kommersant found.
  • In Russia in 2022, more than 667 million records with personal data were leaked. Small businesses accounted for more than 20% of leaks.
  • Astrum and My.Games have agreed to a division of the online shooter Warface. The game brought the company $700 million over 11 years, Kommersant writes.


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