After the launch of ChatGPT, a chatbot from OpenAI company, in November 2022, the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has grown impressively, greatly stimulating the technology market. The tool, which speaks naturally and intuitively to its users, has become one of the greatest crazes in internet history and has become the object of desire for other big technologies like Google, which are trying to develop similar resources. to not be left behind.

Google is already preparing some interesting news as it enters the field of artificial intelligence. According to this New York Times, company owned by Alphabet Inc., as well as developing new tools. browser should support Chrome with a number of features that will compete with Microsoft’s Bing search engine, recently powered by ChatGPT.

Check out the AI ​​news that’s on the way below, which may be announced by this year’s Google I/O.

5 – Project Wizard

According to The New York Times, Project Magi will be a major update to Google’s services, especially the most used search tool on the market, despite the threat from the new Bing. In it, the company will integrate new AI capabilities into its search engine.

4 – GIFI – Image Maker

One of these new AI features will be GIFI. Simply put, the launch will be a text-to-image feature where users can create images based on emoticons and text. Images would even be made available to Internet users via Google Images. GIFI should be integrated directly with Google Search.

In addition to GIFI, Google had already launched two other text-based image generators, Imagen and Parti.

3 – Searchalong – Chrome Chatbot

Aiming to create a “new ChatGPT”, Google should also launch Searchalong, which will be a native chatbot within Chrome. Similar to Bing in Microsoft Edge, the project will assist users with their daily searches and also answer questions to refine searches.

2 – Bard is built into ChromeOS

We can’t help but mention Bard, Google’s ambitious artificial intelligence chatbot that was released in the first quarter of 2023 and which, after showing some bugs, represents one of the company’s biggest failures. According to this 9to5Googlebut the tool also needs to be integrated into Chrome at some point.

1 – Teacher of Tivoli

Google should also bring a tool to teach languages. Called Tivoli Tutor, the feature will be an AI chatbot and is still in development.

For now, there is no exact date from Google for the public launch of all these features, but the news is expected in 2023. The initial launch will take place in the United States only and will be limited to around 1 million users.

Source: Tec Mundo

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