Intel will end production of Blockscale chips, launched in June 2022 and dedicated to cryptocurrency mining. Despite the recent rise, especially in Bitcoin, mining demand has dropped a lot because it is getting more and more expensive.

According to a company spokesperson, they will continue to support blockchain accelerator ASIC chips, but will not be able to take new orders for the product as of October 20. The measure aims to focus investments on the “production of 2.0 integrated devices” program (IDM 2.0).

Looking at the semiconductor market

Announced by CEO Pat Gelsinger in 2021, the IDM 2.0 strategy aims to make Intel the second largest semiconductor manufacturer by the end of the decade. HE The model is divided into two creation of new facilities for the purpose of proprietary chipsand contracts with outsourced factories To expand the customer portfolio.

Currently, the main suppliers of microchips are TSMC and Samsung, whose customers include Nvidia, AMD, Apple and Qualcomm. In order to compete with the Asian giants, Intel had to focus its efforts on expanding its foundries, putting aside less promising projects.

They will also continue to monitor the cryptocurrency market, according to a company spokesperson. But, not a good time to invest in chips dedicated to mining.

Source: Tec Mundo

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