Ministry of Health systems have been down since dawn Tuesday (17). According to the agency’s statement, the Conect SUS, e-SUS Notifica and SI-PNI platforms went offline after an improper access attempt.

The invasion was detected by the SUS Information Technology Department (Datasus) yesterday afternoon (16). After identifying the problem, the system is undergoing “corrective maintenance” and should be back by 4pm.

The ministry says all access is suspended to ensure that maintenance does not affect data, as well as to prevent system information from being compromised.

“The Ministry of Health reports that the Connect SUS Program, e-SUS Notifica, and SI-PNI are undergoing corrective maintenance and have a return estimate for 4:00 PM. SUS Information Technology Department (Datasus) is in an initiative this Monday (16). Access is suspended until all analysis is done to protect inappropriate access and information.


This is not the first time prosecutors’ systems have been targeted by cyberattacks. In December of last year, ConectSUS was offline and epidemiological data and evidence of vaccination were not available.

“Our systems and Covid-19 information such as cases, deaths and the Vaccine Campaign are stored in the cloud. The hacker managed to gain access to the cloud and wiped our systems,” said Rodrigo Cruz, then secretary general of the Ministry of Health. In January, the system returned to normal.

Source: Tec Mundo

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