It is very clear that the new generation is very clear. apple watch It will be one of the companions that the iPhone 14 will have at its presentation in September. It is also believed that three models will be introduced, one of which is specifically geared towards regular exercisers. An image is known that allows us to know exactly what the design of this wearable will be like.

For a long time there was possible speculation. change in appearance and it looks like it will this time (many of which showed the Apple Watch 7 currently in stores as selected for this to happen…). The truth is that the North American firm has decided to give the smartwatch a new look, but it hasn’t spoiled the aesthetic it has offered for a long time.

Changes that the Apple Watch 8 will have

one from big changes what’s the future screen. This will no longer present a curved surface as before and completely flat this will give you a different feeling when viewing the panel without worsening the screen. What will be added to this the box will be much more square, there are some soft edges at the corners, but completely flat. So it will be much more square, which will give you a different feeling when viewing the smartwatch.

Apple Watch 8 Design

Jon Prosser

It’s true that a refresh of the Apple Watch design is necessary, and it’s likely that the pandemic delayed any idea that Apple could have. The fact is that this is the eighth generation of smartwatch will be more angular, so it will be more attuned to the present. And all this without losing a quality finish where the aluminum is and without increasing the step – so the ergonomics will remain very good.

What else is known about the watch

Currently, besides having the new version of the watchOS operating system (especially the ninth), there is not much data on what to expect from the Apple Watch 8, which points to improvements in what to do with the functions. Thus, new possibilities such as power will be included. measuring temperature or knowing physical activity much more efficiently. Of course, we’ll have to wait until September, possibly the 13th, to confirm all this.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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