A security feature created by Apple to reset password or regain identity access used by thieves or cybercriminals to prevent iPhone owners from recovering their accounts. Announced by Wednesday (19) The Wall Street GazetteThe scam consists of device owners typing in their passwords and observing – usually at night in bars – and then stealing their passwords.

As an example of criminal activity, the report cites the case of Greg Frasca, 46, whose Apple account has been blocked since October when his iPhone 14 Pro was stolen from a Chicago bar. The criminal’s immediate goal was to reset the money in his bank account while also preventing the legitimate owner from tracking his device.

To carry out the scam, the author set a new password for the Apple ID, which thieves usually do, using Frasca’s own character set. What was new here was that the culprit activated the recovery key.a 28-character code created to ensure that only the owner of the iPhone – in this case the bad guy – can recover the Apple ID.

What to do if the scammer activates the iPhone recovery key?

Shortly after the report was published, The Wall Street Gazette It received dozens of reports confirming similar crimes in several American cities, including New York, New Orleans, Chicago, and Boston.

While many have managed to bail out their money from financial institutions, recovering account data has become a nearly impossible task in the face of Apple’s bureaucracy.

By the way, Greg Frasca has already announced personally go to Apple headquarters in Cupertino to prove he’s not the bad guy (and he’s not)and trying to save eight years of photos of her daughters. It offers a check for $10,000 to get back this unique data.

Source: Tec Mundo

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