When buying a Smart TV, it is important to pay attention to the main technical characteristics, as well as the year of release, integration and, of course, price.

With the introduction of so many new features, the price of this device has also increased, and while it’s not a primary purchase, it’s still an item that is always among the main purchases for a home.

If you are thinking of investing in television, take advantage of the “Casas Bahia campaign” that offers great discounts on televisions of brands such as Samsung, Philco, LG and AOC. In addition to the variety of brands, options from 32 inches to 65 are here!

You can review all the Smart TV options on the website or make use of TecMundo’s recommendations below:

  • Smart TV AOC, 32”, HD LED 12% off
  • Samsung Smart TV, 50″, UHD 4K 21% off
  • Philips Smart TV, 50″, UHD 4K 27% off
  • LG Smart TV, 43″, 4K UHD 10% off
  • Samsung Smart TV, 55″, UHD 4K 18% off
  • Smart TV LG, 32″, HD at 23% discount
  • Samsung Smart TV, 32″, LED HD 26% off
  • Samsung Smart TV, 43″, UHD 4K at 28% discount
  • Smart TV Philco, 43″, Full HD, 5% off
  • Samsung Smart TV, 65”, UHD 4K 10% off
  • Samsung Smart TV, 55″, Ultra HD 4K 10% off

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Source: Tec Mundo

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