Wildberries approved with the conciliation commission “Opora Rossii” a new mechanism of penalties for substitution of goods. It was updated taking into account the wishes of the partners. This was reported by the market press service.

Wildberries approved a new mechanism of sanctions for substitution of goods

The market began to use the “zero effect principle”, which assumes that sanctions should not affect the profits of the counterparties. Even before launch, its revenue was up 15%, the company said.

Wildberries began using a new feedback and substitution response mechanism, and a new response regulation was also passed. Now, in case of misidentification of the person responsible for the replacement of goods, partners can create an appeal in the work interface by selecting the appropriate topic.

In accordance with the recommendations of the conciliation commission, now the partners have 14, and not 7 days, to file an appeal after charging the substitution, as was done before. In this case, the substitution penalty will not be withheld while the request is being considered.

In addition, the market will direct all penalties for the substitution of goods at its collection points to bonuses for collection employees. Therefore, the company intends to encourage employees to be vigilant when checking.

Currently, due to the freezing of the write-off mechanism, the substitution ratio of goods at emission points has reached 50%. And although the site is sure that most employees and partners comply with the recommendations and regulations, some are still involved in the substitution of goods or do not check them carefully enough when returning them. As a result, sellers take losses.

On the eve of the trial, the court declared Wildberries’ requirement of buyers to pay for the return of defective merchandise illegal. The lawsuit was filed by Rospotrebnadzor.

All services and companies related to relocation on a single map

In mid-April, Wildberries, together with Ozon, Sbermegamarket, Yandex.Market and SME Corporation, signed a memorandum regulating the work of markets with sellers and holders of collection points.

The issue became relevant after the conflict between Wildberries and the owners of the collection point in mid-March. At that time, PVZ managers demanded that the new system of fines for defective merchandise be abolished. Following the company’s partners’ strike, the FAS ordered Wildberries to create a special arbitration to resolve the disputes.


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Source: RB

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