As in other years, large numbers of people have to leave to ensure delivery. Individual Income Tax (IRPF) at the last minute in 2022. IRS this Wednesday (18), there are still over 10 million statements to be received.

At the beginning of the year, the agency announced that it expects to receive IR 2022 notices of 34.1 million. Of this estimated amount, 23.2 million were sent by 11:00 am yesterday, 68% of the expected total.

originally Deadline for submission of 2022 income tax It ended on April 29. But the IRS has decided to extend the deadline, as it has done for the past three years, by pushing the deadline to May 31, giving taxpayers a few more weeks to file their returns.

It should be noted that who Submit IRPF return after deadline It is subject to a fine of between 1% and 20% on the tax payable, with the minimum amount set at R$165.74. The day after the deadline starts counting.

delivery vehicle

if you did not deliver income tax return 2022, it is important to avoid submitting on the last day. With a high volume of access, the Revenue system can become overloaded and go offline, causing many taxpayers to have to submit after the deadline.

The declaration can be submitted by computer, mobile phone or tablet. For the procedure via PC, IRPF program Revenue is on the website, but if you prefer mobile, My Income Tax applicationWith versions for Android and iOS.

Another possibility is to make the statement online via e-CAC without the need to download the program or application. In this case, there is a necessity digital certificate.

Source: Tec Mundo

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