Custom page creation service with shortcuts link tree this Tuesday (17) launched new features that include integration with non-replaceable tokens (NFTs).

In total, there are three new resources for those who are digital art collectors and want to increase pages that previously mainly contain addresses for social network profiles, websites and other destinations.

The first innovation NFT GalleryA simple way for you to view tokens acquired through the platform Offshore For any user accessing your page on Linktree. The second is the possibility of adding NFTs as a profile picture or background of your custom pages.

This mechanism has already been implemented by the paid version of Twitter and is under testing on Instagram.

Finally, the third innovation, NFT Lock, so you enter “closed” links that are unlocked only for those who own one coin or one share. The idea is that creators can unlock benefits, perks, or exclusivity for those who bind the digital wallet and prove they own part of said collection.

"The Locker" is preserved only for collectors of a particular digital art.

The company assures that the project is energy sustainable. Also, Linktree has confirmed that it should release other integration projects in Web3 format in the near future.

Source: Tec Mundo

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