The catastrophic damage from rubbish every day approaches the hour of reckoning for carelessness. The most attractive type of garbage has long been plastic food packaging. Ecologists and scientists are sounding the alarm and talking about the need to replace cheap and affordable plastic. The solution to the problem was found by Pennsylvania State University specialists in the form of modified paper bags.

Plain paper is used to make eco-bags even now. But such packaging is not stable, which makes it impossible to use it. Strength of paper bags. The developed calculations suggest the possibility of eliminating all the shortcomings: new withdrawals of paper bags, resistant to moisture, reliability, exceptions with plastic ones, and a reduction in the throughput of the ecodon during reusable use.

The key to such properties was the process of torrefaction. It involves slowly heating the paper for acid deficiency – this can be unproven when wet. After 40 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees, the temperature was 200 degrees.

Researchers are confident that with the advent of sustainable and sustainable paper bags, the world can be found from plastic waste. The described technology can become one of the articles of protection in the struggle for a healthy human environment in future.

Source: Tech Cult

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