Payment giant Visa said it has no plans to abandon its plans to conquer the Web3 industry. The head of the company’s crypto department also announced the search for personnel related to the development of the blockchain direction.

Visa announced plans to continue development in the field of Web3

Several new jobs were added to the Visa jobs list last week. In particular, the company is looking for experienced Web3 engineers and programmers who are familiar with the intricacies of the cryptocurrency industry.

Commenting on this, Visa’s head of crypto, Kai Sheffield declared on his Twitter that the payment giant has an “ambitious roadmap for the development of cryptocurrency projects.” According to Sheffield, Visa’s ultimate goal is to stimulate mass adoption of blockchain and stablecoin payments.

In 2022, Visa’s plans to actively implement Web3 tools were disrupted by the crash of FTX, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency exchange. According to Decrypt, the companies have been working on a joint launch of crypto cards in 40 countries around the world. Shortly before that, Visa managed to register trademarks hinting at the development of its own crypto wallet and metaverse.


Grigory Shcheglov

Source: RB

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