Suspended in Brazil by decision of the Federal Court of Espírito Santo. Telegram was removed from the App Store this Friday (28)prevents new installations of the messenger on devices running iOS in the national region. The action was taken by Apple in accordance with a court order.

When accessing the official iOS store and searching for the messaging app, the program does not appear in the results. This way, anyone who has never installed the software on Apple’s cell phone or tablet will not be able to install it, at least as long as the blockade continues.

On the other hand, Desktop version of messenger can be downloaded from Mac App Storebut it won’t be long before big tech removes the brand from the app store for PCs and laptops as well.

please note this Anyone who has Telegram installed on their mobile phone will not be able to use Telegram as long as the ban continues by court order.. In this case, users will have to resort to other messaging services to communicate, for example betting on options such as WhatsApp, Signal and Messenger.

And on Android?

When Telegram was removed from the App Store in Brazil, same should be on google play storemakes it impossible to download and install new messengers on Android. Currently, it’s still available on the search giant’s official store, as confirmed by the app. Technology World.

But removal may happen soon, because The court ordered mobile operators and app stores to withdraw the messenger until the responsible company complies with the court order.. Authorities requested data from administrators and members of a neo-Nazi-themed group on the platform.

Regarding this, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov said he will appeal the decision, citing the difficulty in providing the requested information through fairness. In addition to the exclusion of app stores and disrupted operation, the company may be required to pay a fine of BRL 1 million per day per delay in sending data.

Source: Tec Mundo

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