All kinds of videos are circulating on the internet. Unimaginable facts that would have little credibility if they were not recorded on camera. This is the case of a man criticized on social networks. Due to the dangerous renovations he carried out in his department. It is located at an altitude of 15 meters.

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A video shared on Twitter by user @Geotechtips shows a nearly 20-story building with a section under construction. The curious thing about the footage is whoever looks like the owner of the house, He lifted one of the pillars supporting the building.

According to internet users, the person involved thought it was a good idea to remove the safety beam to get a “better view” from the balcony. as expected the truth that causes outrage among those passing through the sector, so they decided to show their impropriety with a video that is already circulating on all digital platforms.

In the images you can see workers trying to remove the metal supports with a disc cutter to release the panorama and leave the view ‘clean’. The noise and sparks that the iron rubbed against the tools alarmed the passers-by who did not hesitate to report the incident.

Reactions are varied and many are already leaving their comments in the comment box.HE to post It already has over 2.5 million views.

Please tell me this isn’t real. It was equipped or created with AI” and “Destroyed the whole building because even if they rebuild the column the loads have already been redistributed, removing that column weakened the entire structure” were some of the most popular comments by some netizens.

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Source: Exame

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