nVidia has teamed up with researchers at UC Berkeley and UC San Diego to discover the “Language Embedded Radiance Field” or LERF system. One of the installed Neural Radiance Field (NeRF) platforms. NeRF creates video images of any complexity, and LERF helps people control this tool using natural human language instead of a special command.

The potential of these systems is so great that even their creators cannot predict how their world will change in a few years thanks to their creation. NeRF loves video-based with any digital images of a 3D scene that can be generated from my angles. The platform uses various available AI VERSIONs in its work – hence the realism of the picture.

LERF is much more complex, the detection system helps AI match visual data with viruses. From the point of view of the lower state of the new age, the age of the machinist, the name of the office is the youngest name of the task, which can ensure its achievement at any level of interference.

Source: Tech Cult

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