Russian research from SPbPU, ITMO, and Alferov University announced the creation of a promising technology for the production of displays for mobile devices, which are based on perovskite, which exists in sufficient quantities in crystalline equipment.

The perovskite-based brightness matrix will reportedly be three times higher than the popular raw material-based screens more sloping like OLEDs. In addition, they consume three times less energy than an efficient design, which provides the existing increase in the battery life of mobile devices.

Created a Russian alternative to OLED matricesImage: SPbPU

How to choose highly qualified specialists, the efficiency of modern technology series screens based on proprietary OLED matrices is no more than 25%, and a perovskite display can theoretically raise this display or 90%.

Under efficiency, in the case of application, a certain amount of energy supplied to the LEDs is transferred, which is eventually converted into a light signal. Curiously, perovskites can also be used in the manufacture of batteries, since they can also work vice versa – that is, convert light into electrical energy in the form photo elements.

Source: Tech Cult

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