Astronomers have used the TESS space telescope to search for planets outside our solar system. They discovered two such planets when they noticed a decrease in the brightness of the star TOI-2095 caused by the transit of these planets.

The first planet found, TOI-2095 b, is about 0.1 astronomical unit (the distance between Earth and Sun) from its star and 25% larger than Earth. Its temperature is 74°C and its mass is about 4.1 times that of Earth.

The second planet – TOI-2095 c – is slightly larger. Its radius is about 1.33 Earths. It orbits its host at a distance of about 0.137 astronomical units every 28.17 days. The temperature on this planet is about 24°C and the maximum mass is 7.4 Earth masses.

Both planets are located near the inner edge of the red dwarf’s habitable zone and are considered interesting objects for further research by scientists.

Source: Ferra

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