Yandex, together with Lanit Group of Companies and Taiwanese Gigabyte, announced the completion of the construction of an enterprise for the production of servers – the industrial park Ryazansky, located 15 km from Ryazan, was chosen as the site for the new plant. In addition to servers, they plan to release storage systems, components and gateways for smart devices of the OpenYard family.

The new facility will reportedly cover virtually all process steps, including initial assembly of electronic components and final testing of finished products, and has a design capacity of approximately 60,000 servers per year.

In Russia, a plant was built to produce servers

Apparently, the Ryazan plant will produce the popular OpenYard servers developed by Yandex specialists – in the future, the company will analyze their entry into the list of the Ministry of Industry and Trade for access to tenders and public procurement and numerous worthy competition from manufacturers of the most servers.

Full production at the new plant has not yet been employed, and Yandex is very actively engaged in the selection of specialists for the Ryazan enterprise – among the specialties of the company, radio electronics process engineers are required.

By the way, this time the first first servers of the OpenYard brand were confirmed, including those owned by Yandex and Lanit Ventures (from 50%). For 2021, the last part of the show was marked by the most contrasting manufacturer ALT Master, which is Zelenograd.

Source: Tech Cult

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