Which browser do you think is the most popular and used among internet users? If you’ve thought of Google Chrome, you’re right! At least, a study conducted by the Statcounter website shows this. Ranking among the world’s most popular desktop browsers. The document shows browser adoption and popularity levels over the months.

The April 2023 study proves that Google Chrome still tops the list of the most popular desktop browsers on the planet, as it did in previous months. The Google tool alone prevails with 66.13%. But the real surprise came from Safari, which managed to surpass Apple’s Microsoft Edge and is currently the second most remembered by users.

Ranking of the most popular browsers

  • Google Chrome – 66.13%
  • Safari – 11.87%
  • Edge – 11%
  • Firefox – 5.65%
  • Opera – 3.09%
  • IE – 0.55%

Despite the difference between Safari and Edge being only 0.87%, this value represents a huge victory for Apple’s resource investing in improvements to its official browser. According to the website, the growing popularity of Safari may also be linked to Mac sales in the market, which increased significantly in 2022. wccftech. By the way, it is worth remembering that unlike Chrome, which, for example, can be installed on any device, Safari can only be used by people with Macs.

Brazil: Chrome and Opera are the main browsers

The Statcounter study also takes a look at the green and yellow country and Chrome and Opera are the most popular desktop browsers in the region. Chrome is isolated in first place with 75.96%, while Opera is in second place with 9.86%. Then Edge (8.22%), Firefox (4.05%), Safari (1.38%) and IE (0.31%).

Source: Tec Mundo

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