In this regard, McAfee experts gave some tips to protect your device.

Among the millions of apps in the App Store and Google Play Store, there are some that contain malware. The McAfee report recommends being particularly careful with image editing, business, gaming tips, and social media apps.

Also beware of fake ChatGPT apps or apps that claim to be based on GPT-4.

Scammers may try to contact you via email, text messages or social media. With artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT that help scammers create more compelling messages, you need to be even more careful.

Keep in mind that scammers often act quickly and put pressure on you to get your personal information.

Malicious applications can also be found among applications aimed at children. A McAfee report says such apps can be advertised on popular platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, which offer cheat codes or game mods for Roblox and Minecraft.

Set limits to protect your kids’ devices and ask your kids to consult you before downloading apps.

Also, watch out for in-app purchases to avoid accidentally spending on high-priced offers.

Following these guidelines will help protect you and your kids’ smartphones from malware and scammers.

Source: Ferra

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