Elon Musk and Spotify team up to harshly criticize Apple

The App Store has “merged” these managers!

Latest Twitter update spawned anti-Apple comments

The criticism of Apple’s App Store policies does not end. Although they have reacted in the past, this time Twitter CEO Elon Musk and Spotify CEO Daniel Ek have joined forces against the bitten apples for the same reasons.

Executives in charge of both companies used Twitter to voice their opinions. Both Musk and Ek questioned Apple’s guidelines. The annex described them as “ridiculous” and Musk said they presented a “serious scaling issue”.

iPhone users expect more

The clarifications come after Twitter enabled the “subscriptions” option for all users last week. When asked by users, Musk explains why the availability of subscriptions on iPhone has been delayed compared to the web version of the platform.

Please note that currently it takes a few days longer for subscriptions to activate on iPhone than on the web, as all subscriptions must be approved by Apple.

Musk’s statements App Store guidelines for in-app subscriptions for digital contentTwitter has to comply as these new subscriptions are available through the iPhone app.

Immediately, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek quoted Musk’s tweeted post and again criticized Apple’s guidelines:

This is ridiculous… How does this scale for every creator on every platform on the internet? What if a platform thinks the correct fee is 0% or 10% instead of Apple’s 30%?

In the past, Spotify has openly expressed opposition to the App Store’s policies. The company filed antitrust complaints against Apple in the European Union, arguing that Apple could offer Apple Music subscriptions within its app with impunity, while Spotify would have to pay Apple 30% (or 15% from the second year) of your subscription revenue. you wanted to do the same.

Source: i Padizate

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