In the future, this authentication method is expected to replace traditional passwords. The company announced this on its official blog.

The development of the new technology has been carried out in partnership with the FIDO Alliance, Apple and Microsoft since 2022. Google is now starting the official rollout of the new login method on major platforms.

The creators claim that passkeys are much simpler and more secure than passwords, and users no longer have to remember them. Login to your account will now be done using a PIN or biometrics like fingerprint or face scan.

Google emphasized that user biometric data is not transmitted and access keys are stored on the devices themselves. In the near future, access keys will be available to users as an additional way to protect accounts.

After adding an access key to your account, the system will automatically request it during authorization or when potentially dangerous activity is detected. Keys are stored on compatible devices, such as iPhones running iOS 16 or smartphones running Android 9.

Users will be able to transfer keys via iCloud or password managers like Dashlane and 1Password. They can be canceled if necessary.

Source: Ferra

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