TikTok announces second place creator fund will now be open to more users from this Wednesday (03). Initially invite-only venture name Creativity Program and aims to pay popular users for their content.. The platform did not disclose the volume of resources to be invested.

Low payouts for content creators have been a constant complaint on social media platforms, and TikTok is trying to address this issue by offering a number of monetization features for popular video makers.

In March this year, the platform announced that creators will be able to charge for some of their content, including 20-minute videos. The platform also promotes live streaming to reach a wider audience.

Even though TikTok set aside $200 million for its original funding in 2020, the creators complained that they didn’t earn much from the program. even viral videos only brought in a few dollars. The new solution hopes to address these issues to improve pay for creators.

How can you join the TikTok Creativity Program?

To join TikTok’s new creators fund, users must: 18+, at least 10k followers and 100k authentic views on your videos in the last 30 days. Also, content creators make videos longer than one minute to qualify Creativity Program to make money.

These requirements indicate a change in the priorities of the platform that influences other social networks to produce short videos. Now TikTok places more value on the quality and length of the content.

Source: Tec Mundo

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