Users report that Moscow has begun posting fake QR codes on rental electric scooters.

With their help, scammers learn the card details of service customers. Representatives of Whoosh, Urent and Yandex reported that these codes are not carried by services and are not read through proprietary applications.

The stickers are not related to a significant service and are an excuse for vandalism and probably fraud. If we find relevant items, security personnel will promptly remove them. It is recommended for our users to scan the QR code only through the kicksharing service apps. We urge users to be vigilant and not expose themselves to unnecessary risk by following suspicious links – these are both stickers and links on the Internet.

– Rep. Urent

Employees of the service promptly remove items that are not related to the rental of a scooter. We remind you that for renting you need to scan the QR code yourself only through the official application.

– Yandex representative

We, in turn, urge you to scan individual stickers only through service applications, not through a regular application. Camera. [Агентство Москва]

Source: Iphones RU

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