Ever heard of password overload? This is a free translation of “password fatigue” or “password overload”, which names the fatigue you feel when inventing another password to access websites or searching your memory for another string of numbers and letters before completing a purchase.

If you’ve identified yourself with this definition, know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s called a password manager. pCloud Pass service stands out in this market: besides generating unique and complex passwords, Military-grade encryption algorithm provides secure and unlimited storage of all!

Forgetting a password will no longer be a stress for you

Available in both free and paid plans, pCloud Pass features offer automatic password and credit card fill and save to optimize your time on the web.

Also, the probability categorize your data and private notes with tags makes it easy to find in a few seconds. You can create tags to organize your passwords from finance, social networks, education platforms and more!

The pCloud Pass browser extension is another possibility for those who want to browse Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Brave and Microsoft Edge with a single master password. Just use the option to import your passwords from insecure browsers, other password managers and CSV files.

pCloud Pass’s cutting-edge technology enables instant and secure login with one click. If you prefer to use FaceID or fingerprint, the master password of the administrator Can be combined with biometric unlocking.

pCloud Pass is available for Windows, macOS and Linux computers and Android and iOS mobile devices.

To register and use pCloud Pass services at no cost, you must access the website or download the password manager on your device and register with an active email.


if you need securely share your passwords with family, friends and colleagues, set an access level to only your trusted contacts. In the case of the pCloud Pass Premium plan, this management is unlimited and can be performed from several devices. The pCloud Pass Family is limited to 5 people, each with their own account. And with pCloud Pass Free, you use the account on one device and share only one item per person.

It’s worth checking the values ​​of the monthly, annual and lifetime plans to choose the one that best fits your budget! After all, all these cloud storage solutions have already helped over 18 million pCloud users and now come with the launch of the pCloud Pass. The Switzerland-based company is certified in the IT business, proving the effectiveness of its Quality Management and Data Management Systems.

Take advantage of pCloud Pass, your secure and truly encrypted password manager and store passwords, credit cards and notes.

Source: Tec Mundo

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