A user of the iXBT.com portal listed the types of smartphone cases that can damage the device.

Single-layer crates. This refers to a case without an inner lining. This lining is usually made of microfiber or other lint-free fabric. This fabric prevents scratches and scuffs from occurring on the smartphone. The grains still get inside every case, and between them are quartz particles that leave micro-scratches.

Case with metal inserts. Not all manufacturers take into account the location of antennas when creating such a situation. Therefore, there may be communication problems when wearing such a case: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, cellular, etc.

thick cases. The thickest materials are rubber and silicone. If you play games often, they can make the situation worse in hot weather. In this case, it is better to remove such covers for a while.

cases with relief. Such a model can collect a variety of bacteria. Flat covers are easier to clean and collect less dirt.

Source: Ferra

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