Last Friday (28), OpenAI head Sam Altman said: The company backed out from its decision to use customer data to train its AI-based tools. in an interview for CNBCThe founder says he’s changed his plans: “We’re not going to do that”.

On March 1 of this year, the AI ​​company’s terms of service were updated, as the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine logs show. According to Altman, the company no longer trains with any Application Programming Interface (API) data. In this case, APIs are constructs that allow customers to connect directly to OpenAI software.

It needs a database for training on AI-based tools.

It’s worth noting, however, that the new privacy measure only applies to business customers using API services like Microsoft and Snapchat. According to the updated terms of use, OpenAI may continue to use content from other services, such as texts entered in ChatGPT.

Privacy and copyright

Recently, Samsung banned the use of chatbots by its employees to protect the privacy of company data. Amazon has also previously requested that internal codes or sensitive information not be entered into the AI-based tool due to the possibility of data being used in results.

Another movement that gained prominence in the United States was the Writers Guild of America strike last week. The association is pushing for limits on the use of ChatGPT to create or write scripts.

The impact of the AI ​​tool also concerns administrators due to copyright and intellectual property issues. Media companies can take these issues to court to sue AI companies for their use of creative content, according to Barry Diller, the entertainment tycoon and head of the IAC.

Source: Tec Mundo

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