Apple Watch saved the life of a woman who collapsed in her hotel room

A woman had an aortic dissection, but survived thanks to the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch once again saved someone’s life

There are already numerous events. apple watch He saved a person’s life. Apple’s smartwatch has many health-related features that save human lives and motivate consumers to buy smartwatches in an extraordinary way.

The last time the Apple Watch saved a life – leaked to the media – was in March of this year when the Apple Watch alerted a 36-year-old man suffering from atrial fibrillation. now smart watch “Life vest” did it again Rescuing the woman who fell on the floor in the hotel room because of aortic dissection in the rib cage

Apple Watch becomes a hero again after saving a woman from certain death

They tell a fascinating story from Reddit about a woman who was in her hotel room during a business trip. It seems that he began to feel a very intense pain in his chest and He decided to send a quick message to his friend to come to his room.. He did not indicate in the message that it was an emergency.

He collapsed to the ground a few minutes after sending the message. When her friend came into the room and found her unconscious on the floor, she immediately called 911. Surprised, they told him that an ambulance was on the way. Apple Watch’s fall detection feature automatically call emergency services.

“A few days after he woke up from the surgery, we asked him if he had called 911 before he passed out. He didn’t. We learned that he called 911 after he fell and his watch detected no movement.”

The minutes the Apple Watch won between the woman falling to the ground and the arrival of her friend turned out to be important and fortunately, the woman’s health after the operation is excellent.

aortic dissection

stages of aortic dissection | Image: ABC Medical Center

it is said so Only 50% of people who have aortic dissection (aortic rupture) survive. Emergency transportation to the hospital is one of the keys to making this happen.

This is another clear example of how technology, science, and other fields, among other things, can not only offer us comfort and a more productive life, but also save lives.

Source: i Padizate

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