French calculation models that cover the moons as accurately as possible and all proven space tissue studies. This was the day the Apollo mission was analyzed, which corrected the laser image of the Deformed Moon under the Earth’s gravitational pull.

It turned out that the most likely structure of the Moon includes the presence of a dark-haired core, dark skin of liquid rock, on top of which a thick layer of cooled crust appears. The diameter of the same size is 258 km, the diameter is 326 km. Together they are located up to 15% of the Moon’s radius.

The density of the substance of the lunar core has decreased by 7822 kg per cubic meter. m, which approximately corresponds to the parameters of iron. In particular, to answer the question of how and for what reason it lost its magnetic field. It existed at the time of the appearance of the Moon, but gradually degraded not 3.2 billion years ago, because it did not completely disappear. Since the magnetic field is revealed due to the movement of magnesium within the core, it is extremely important to understand how it changes as matter in the core is measured.


Source: Tech Cult

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