Social network users with a large number of contacts and verified profiles are the main target of a new communication network. malware It was determined by Zscaler, according to a statement released Wednesday (6). in your name FFDroiderIt helps cybercriminals hijack victims’ accounts and implement various types of scams.

designed for stealing logins and passwords your accounts in Facebook, ininstagram and twitterAmong other platforms, the malicious agent reaches Windows PCs disguised in programs, games, and other infected files downloaded from torrent sites. Once installed, it goes through telegram for desktop not detected.

From there, the virus begins to collect. Cookie and access credentials stored in computer browsers, for example Google Chrome, Firefox and Edge, among others. The extracted data is sent to a remote server controlled, decrypted and verified by cybercriminals.

According to the company specializing in cloud security, FFDroider malware focus on specific credentials, especially those related to the company’s platforms. Aim. But they also look at registered accounts on e-commerce sites.

Searching for new victims

Once the cybercriminals have entered the profiles of the victims, they can access all the data stored there, such as email, phone number and contact list. By pretending to be real users, they can scam their friends and family and expand their malware distribution to reach more people.

Another action identified by experts is fake advertising campaigns using data from profiles that have access to advertising tools on social networks, platforms.

The best practice to protect yourself from FFDroider is to avoid downloading cracked games and software, always choosing to download files from reliable sources. It’s also valid to be suspicious of ads with outstanding promises that could serve as fraudulent and spread malicious software.

Source: Tec Mundo

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