Even today, many citizens of quite prosperous countries, for reasons of economy, are in no hurry to acquire washing machines, preferring to use the services of various laundries.

Assessing the market perspective, startup Evergreen Paradigm (USA) discovered an economical Eeva washing machine. With its compact size (1.07 by 0.61 m), it will easily fit in a beauty salon – in my own bathroom. And I have a car. At the same time, the machine has an enviable performance: it can wash and dry up to 3.5 kg of laundry in just an hour and a half.

Unlike conventional stationary machines, it is autonomous – it can do without plumbing and drainage hoses. In this case, 11 liters of water are poured into the car, and if the owner is on a trip, then Eeva can work on pumping out the battery. A full wash cycle requires 300 Wh of energy. However, it is definitely worth it – the operation of the machine involves the use of my media specially created for it.

Setting the operation mode of the touch LCD display, or through the application for a smartphone. The unusual washing machine managed to increase the amount of sensation on the Indiegogo platform, surpassing the set financial bar by 70 times. You can already drink Eeva today (so far only in America) for $900. This amount includes the price of the machine itself and detergent for 60 washes.

Source: Tech Cult

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