I think I’ve said enough times here why I love MagSafe. What kind of accessories are not needed or review! And the “washers” themselves, original and not. Covers (from Yandex). Even the docks are all different. There was even a whole hybrid battery with a stand from Xiaomi.

But I managed to buy only one MagSafe accessory three times. And never regret. It is very cheap and works out every ruble. There is really nothing to write about him.

This is a dock TFN MagSafe Dock for 790 rubles. And I will buy it exactly as many times as I have tables, I sit before visiting.

A subtitle in which for some reason I explain the essence of a piece of metal

TFN MagSafe Dock – This is a dock with a hole for MagSafe. You put a “puck” in there. Pass the cable through the back, fix it in the holder on the “tail”. Marvelous!

The dock is made of aluminum, everything is as it should be. Great at least holding the iPhone 14 Pro Max in a heavy case.

The white thing on the front is silicone. There is a lot of it and it is soft. This is very good. Because such a format does not have to be scratched either on the back of the smartphone, or even on the cover, if any.

The iPhone on the puck spins freely around the axis. It doesn’t fly by itself. The washer can be inserted both the original and the Chinese one with a twist under the original, if you have sensual feelings.

The TFN MagSafe Dock does not come with a charger, you need to purchase it separately. Of all the super-budget MagSafe docks, this is the most normal, and nothing better in terms of appearance and quality can be found for 790 rubles, I guarantee. Because I was looking for a long time.

PS There is a version of this stand with a Chinese MagSafe included, it costs 1290 rubles. I think it’s better to use the original than this. But if you are not afraid, then why overpay – then take the same thing for 350 rubles at your own peril and risk. Chinese “analogues” MagSafe from each other does not matter.

Source: Iphones RU

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