The press service of Russia “Roskosmos” officially announced the completion of the specialization of NPO Lavochkin to work on a technical proposal for a project to study Venus, called “Venera-D”.

After studying this technical proposal, the stages of preparing a draft design, checking the coordination of technical specifications, and co-executors will be found. In addition, Roskosmos has already begun FORMING the Council of Chief Designers, which will coordinate the work on Venera-D.

Preparations for the launch of the Venera-D project in Russia

Draft work named “Venus-D” will be launched next January – in its ramkah there will be both contact and remote studies of Venus using advanced technologies – this planetary atmosphere has been subjected to this, and so on.

Back in Roskosmos, it was noted that the refusal of the American space department to cooperate with Russia in the field of study Earth will be delivered soil development, as well as atmosphere.

Source: Tech Cult

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