The author suggests that for generative AI to truly benefit humanity, it will require a radical change in our economic and social systems to meet human needs and save the planet. But the reality is that the richest companies in history such as Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon monopolize digital information without permission or permission, potentially leading to mass theft of human information.

The article argues that the actions of these tech giants should not be legal. Lawsuits have been filed over the use of copyrighted material to train AI models, highlighting the potential illegality of their actions.

The gist of the argument is that AI models have been trained on the collective intelligence and contributions of humanity without explicit consent. The main purpose of these technologies is to make profit by replacing human labor with algorithms, rather than solving global problems or improving society.

The column serves as a “call” to reassess AI’s impact on society and challenges the unbridled power of tech companies to appropriate and customize people’s collective intellectual and creative contributions.

Source: Ferra

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