Scientists still don’t know exactly why dogs eat grass or feces. However, there are a few assumptions about this.

So, what could be the reasons why your dog eats grass while walking? First of all, it is considered a sign of anxiety and internal conflict in dogs. It is believed that in this way they suppress the desire to perform another action. This may be similar to the behavior of a person at the dentist: the patient wants to escape but cannot, so he bites his nails to reduce anxiety.

In addition, dogs can attract the attention of their owner by eating grass. However, this is not the most common reason for this behavior.

Finally, he’s trying to supplement the pet’s diet, perhaps with the help of herbs. Some experts believe that dogs try to get more fiber this way. But this is just a theory.

Another puppy may eat grass because he has an upset stomach. Or to clean the intestines from parasites. However, grass is unlikely to cause any disease in a dog: A 2008 study found that 68% of dogs regularly eat grass, but only 22% of them get sick.

And if your dog eats poop, there’s nothing particularly scary about it. Unless the stool comes from an animal with a serious illness, it is unlikely to harm your pet. Experts suggest that this behavior (disorganized eating) stems from the curiosity of young dogs.

In general, puppies are naturally inclined to explore the world around them. And they try everything. Dog feces do not have a bad taste or odor like ours. Additionally, owners may unconsciously train dogs to eat feces: This happens if a person tries to clean up any feces they come across while walking a dog.

Source: Ferra

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