Against the backdrop of reports of catastrophes, A is because she has a provision in the form of a real product – 20 cans of iced tea. But not any specific

The strength of AriZona Iced Tea is that Don Vultaggio, chairman and co-founder of Arizona Beverages, who owns the brand, has always demanded that a can of their iced tea will always cost $0.99. The company accepts inflation and other sources of contagion, but manages to maintain that price since 1992. There have been so many turmoils with a technical portion of assets and commodities alone that no stock, currency, or precious metal has been as reliable as a can of Arizona ice tea.

USDTea technical specifications are based on the Ethereum distributed system and are subject to the general rules for cryptocurrencies. But how to create it by its creators, you always have the right to exchange USDTea for real cans with the Agreement, which is not by the piece, but by a package equivalent to $20. Given the stability of Arizona Iced Tea, this looks really tempting. offer.

Source: Tech Cult

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