British startup Space Forge has developed a reusable heat shield for rockets. Unlike modern heat shields, it doesn’t burn on re-entry. The use of such screens will save money on launches.

A reusable heat shield for rockets has been developed: it does not burn up when entering the atmosphere.

The UK has developed a reusable heat shield for missiles, writes Universe Today.

A feature of the development of the British startup Space Forge is that the shield does not burn up when entering the atmosphere, as it happens with modern heat shields. On the rocket’s nose fairing, Pridwen’s shield is folded, and upon re-entry into the atmosphere, it unfolds.

Space Forge will test the shield at the launch of its own ForgeStar ship. The startup hopes that its development will reduce the cost of launching rockets and encourage the development of industrial production in space.

Space Forge raised $10.2 million in a seed round in December 2021 from SpaceFund, Type One Ventures and World Fund, according to Crunchbase.


Kirill Bilyk

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