Georgy Golubtsov, a graduate student at Moscow State University, identified six stages in the development of river islands. He defended his doctoral thesis based on the results of his research.

The young specialist in his studies studied the upper Ob ducts, as well as the middle and lower Lena. He found that the size of the islands and the degree of branching were inversely related to channel stability and branching type.

Golubtsov learned that in their development, the islands go through six stages: the middle island, the main island, the small island, the middle island, the big island and the island array. At the same time, this cycle can end at any stage – and not continue.

The dynamics of the development of the island primarily depends on its location in the channel – in its central, active or peripheral parts, in terms of water content in the main or secondary tributaries. At the same time, the islands also affect the channel – even if they are flooded.

Source: Ferra

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