The Ministry of Digital Development, Telecommunications and Mass Media (Mintsifry) supported State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov’s proposal to replace foreign software used in schools and colleges with domestic software. According to Milonov, the Russian operating system “Aurora” will be used in educational institutions. Minister Maksut Shadayev announced that the draft of the transition concept developed jointly with the Ministry of Education is ready.

Milonov’s proposal points to the need to create a native operating system that will be installed on devices in schools and universities and block inappropriate content. The ministry supported Milonov’s idea, stating that the Avrora mobile operating system is already in use in Russia and is Russia’s only local secure mobile operating system approved by the FSB and FSTEC.

The Ministry of Digital Development has approved a project to develop “system-wide new software” by 2030 and plans to release 70 million mobile devices to the native operating system and allocate substantial funds to support demand for these devices.

Source: Ferra

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