AI has done its thing againand this time completely distorted reality, after a photograph of the Japanese Minister of Health began to circulate on social networks: rather voluptuous and strangely low-cut.

Of course, the image was created with the help of AI and went overboard with creating some pretty sexy features. However, before Twitter warned that the photo was fake, the image had already gone viral.

Japan’s real health minister is called Katsunobu Kato, and this is his profile on the official website of the Japanese government.

What do you think of the Japanese Health Minister?

— Jeff 会計. 𒉭♣️📕 (@Jeff_Ace4Ace) May 11, 2023

Original version Fake Japanese health minister first appeared in TwitterV an account that regularly writes in Chinese.

The account that started the whole movement Fake Japanese health minister he also tried to follow misinformation on the internet. In later reports, he even started a movement called bakuchichi which translates as “Titty Party” or “Breast Party”in which share AI-generated images of women.


— AI川AI子 (@AIkawa_AIko_jp2) May 2, 2023

Source: Digital Trends

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