Leaders of small and medium-sized businesses have compiled a list of specialists who should not make mistakes and violate deadlines. The top 3 “no mistake” employees included financiers and accountants (40%), lawyers (25%) and business services specialists (20%), according to a study by Kontur.Extern.

Entrepreneurs called specialists “without the right to be wrong” in their work

Most managers (87%) are punctual and rely on strict adherence to deadlines by employees, partners, and colleagues. One in four respondents (27%) are willing to fire a subordinate if the delays become systematic.

41% of employers will not tolerate partners and contractors not meeting deadlines. Only 13% are willing to put up with customers’ lack of punctuality.

Among the 3 most “painful” deadline misses for businesses, managers included being late for a client meeting (26%), untimely submission of reports to government agencies by an accountant (18%), and Failure to meet deadlines by a contractor. complete work or deliver goods (15%).

Entrepreneurs also said they experience stress more frequently during the delivery of a large project (24%), during reporting periods (16%), and while waiting for the results of a bid (13%).

Kontur.Extern conducted an online survey among 1,367 respondents in May 2023. The survey involved business owners and company CEOs from major Russian cities with a population of more than 1 million people.


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Source: RB

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