If you’ve bought any of the Samsung Galaxy S23 models, you’ll probably be surprised to see free storage, especially if you have the 128GB version. The latest reports ensure that the version of Android 13 that comes with these terminals takes up to 60 GB of internal memorywhat we have been able to verify first hand.

Owners of the new Samsung Galaxy S23 family have already started talking about the problem on social media. This this is especially worrisome for those with a 128GB base model., since the system alone already takes up almost half of the terminal’s internal memory. In our case, we tested the storage model at 512 GB, and the space occupied by the system is 57 GB.

The difference with other terminals and Samsung Galaxy S23 is striking. On Google Pixel 7, for example, Android 13 barely takes up 15 GB internal storage. In fact, even the operating system on my computer—Windows 11—occupies half of a Samsung system.

Worst of all, this high consumption is not tied to any particular carrier. Users around the world report similar performance in the available storage viewer. Quite an unusual and rare miss, even for a company like Samsung.

Samsung is to blame for the excessive memory usage of its Galaxy S23

Whose fault is it? Well, apparently from Samsung itself. The reason for this disproportionate number may be the amount of malware. which includes the Samsung Galaxy S23 family. In addition, the Korean company’s mobile phones contain not only applications that make up the Google ecosystem, but also applications from their own ecosystem in an attempt to compete with Google and Apple.

On the other side, Samsung is usually one of the companies that sell their device space to third parties.. That is, companies like Facebook can buy a slot between default apps, which ultimately turns it into an app that you can’t uninstall even if you never use it.

This is not only a storage level issue, but also at the level of confidentiality. An app as data-hungry as Facebook won’t miss an opportunity to collect user information even if the user isn’t using it. Being part of the Android 13 system memory on Samsung, you can get permission to bypass privacy settings.

The system partition on the Samsung Galaxy S23 is likely to get larger in the future. With each update, the number usually increases, and this new family is still a few years away. For this, If you’re thinking about getting one, avoid 128GB.. Even if you don’t like to take pictures a lot, after a couple of months you may find yourself in a quandary.

Source: Hiper Textual

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